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Do you suspect your building has mold in it? If you want help from one of the best mold testing companies in Provincetown, MA, then call Cape Cod Mold Removal! Our professional mold inspection service can help find and identify mold in any area of your building. When you need a mold inspector, work with one of the best teams in the business. Call Cape Cod Mold Removal today to get your free estimate.
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Mold growth can occur when water leaks into your home. Water leaks may come from a broken pipe, rain through a window, or other sources. If you suspect mold in your building, you’ll want to check anywhere water might have gotten in. Pay attention to musty smells, look on any organic surfaces, and pay attention to signs of increase humidity (such as peeling paint).

When you’re trying to determine if there’s mold in your home, however, it’s often a better idea to hire someone experienced with mold inspection. A professional mold inspector has the skills, tools, and experience to safely detect mold in your home. They often use tools like thermal imaging technology and moisture meters to determine where moisture is highest in the home. If stains are visible, then your mold inspector will likely swab them and send them off for testing. Otherwise, they’ll use a machine to test the air quality, and send that off for testing. Once the results return, they can tell you whether or not mold is really in your home.

Getting a professional mold inspection can be incredibly helpful. That’s in part because if they find mold they can give you advice on what the next steps to take will be. Plus, they can help locate the source of the leak to help prevent future mold growth. And, if you’re looking for mold testing companies in Provincetown, MA, call Cape Cod Mold Removal. Get your free estimate today.
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Have you been looking for reliable mold inspections in the area? If so, then contact Cape Cod Mold Removal. We know how frightening the idea of mold in your home can be. That’s why we’re thorough, inspecting every nook and cranny to make sure that your home is mold-free. If mold is found, we’ll give you advice on how best to handle it. Our mold inspection services are available in any of the following areas:
  • Truro, MA
  • Osterville, MA
  • Yarmouth, MA
  • Yarmouth Port, MA
  • Brewster, MA
  • Dennis, MA
  • Wellfleet, MA
  • Orleans, MA
  • Eastham, MA
  • Chatham, MA
  • Barnstable, MA
  • Provincetown, MA
When you’re looking for mold inspections, make sure you’re working with the best. Call Cape Cod Mold Removal today for a free estimate and to see how we can help.









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Call Cape Cod Mold Removal whenever you need a mold inspection! Our experts have been in this business for more than 20 years. Because of this, we have the industry knowledge and experience to make sure your inspection goes smoothly and safely. We can provide excellent advice about what to do if mold is found in your home, in addition to letting you know how best to prevent mold growth in the future.

Many mold testing companies may only test and inspect your home for mold. While this is obviously a valuable service, it means you’ll still have to find another company to help remove the mold. That’s not the case for Cape Cod Mold Removal. We can provide both mold inspection and remediation in order to truly help fix your mold problem. When you work with us, you’re getting the best service possible. So, call today to get your free estimate and see how we can help your mold problem.
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