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Looking for ice dam removal services? Cape Cod Mold Removal is an ice dam removal company that provides roof snow removal and roof leak mold remediation in Yarmouth, MA at an affordable cost. Our services are also available in areas within a 25-mile radius of Wellfleet, MA, including:
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There is a common cause of needing ice dam removal services. Ice dams largely form on the roofs of heated buildings. As the ice melts, it gets trapped in the eaves of the roof, which consequently leads to build up. After that, as more ice melts, it continues to be trapped, leading to an ice feature that is often referred to as an ice dam.

Ice dams can cause water leaks and damage to the roof of buildings. If your roof does not leak after an ice dam has formed on it, then you will not experience any damage. However, the pressure of the ice and water on the roof usually prompts leakage, and thereafter water damage. That’s why you need to get in touch with a professional immediately.

At Cape Cod Mold Removal, we specialize in ice dam removal and roof leak mold remediation. We also offer 24-hour services in Yarmouth, MA in case of emergencies.
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Importance of Roof Snow Removal

Leaving snow on your roof can lead to roof damages. Heavy snow and ice can create a leaking roof or even cause a collapse. That’s why it is important to seek out professional roof snow removal. Here at Cape Cod Mold Removal, we offer expert snow removal services in the Yarmouth, MA area.

We are available 24/7 for any emergencies. We know how urgent situations like these can be, so we are here whenever you need us. In addition, at Cape Cod Mold Removal, we’ll match any price offered by our competitors in and around Yarmouth, MA. You can also take advantage of our 15% discount off all services by calling us today. We guarantee high-quality roof snow removal at a cost you can afford.
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Call Today to Schedule Our Roof Leak Mold Remediation Service

When the ice has built up long enough on your roof, there are high chances that you might experience water damage. Consequently, some mold may begin to form on your roof and attic. This is when you need to act fast. Call the top ice dam and mold removal company in Yarmouth as soon as possible for roof leak mold remediation.

Mold formation occurs within 48 hours of mold spores coming into contact with water or moisture. You can minimize the damage to your clothing and furniture by acting fast. The attic is especially critical because most people use it as a storage area. If you have documents and anything else of importance there, don’t risk losing them to water damage.

In addition to our ice removal services, we also provide roof leak mold remediation in Yarmouth Port, Truro, and Barnstable in MA. Give us a call as soon as possible if you have any sort of water damage, mold formation or ice dam formation in your home or commercial building. Our ice dam removal services are available for both residential and commercial clients at an affordable cost.









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Choose the Best Ice Dam Removal Company Around

Not all the ice dam removal companies near you will give you the services you need. The first thing you should look out for is proper qualifications and licenses. Next, consider a company that provides several other related services, such as mold removal. This will eventually be more cost-effective.

A good ice dam service in Yarmouth will ensure you have a roof membrane installed after they are done. Roof membranes prevent leakages and water damage. However, they do not prevent ice dam formation.
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